32 Unique Gifts for Ocean Lovers

Discover the perfect gifts for ocean lovers with our handpicked collection of 32 unique and thoughtful items. From stylish apparel to eco-friendly accessories, these gift ideas celebrate the beauty and wonder of the ocean.

Gifts for ocean lovers

Are you struggling to find a meaningful gift for the thalassophile in your life? They probably already own lots of practical stuff such as a favorite dive mask or underwater camera, but what about something special to really represent their passion?

Here at Citrus Reef, we have carefully curated a beautiful range of ocean inspired gifts, which are especially selected for ocean-lovers, by ocean-lovers!

If you're seeking sea-spirited inspiration, our curated selection is sure to captivate sailors, marine biologists, scuba divers, surfers, marine animal and shark enthusiasts with timeless pieces they'll cherish forever.

For the wild about whales.
Fantasy Whale Prints.

Fantasy Whale Prints Collection on grey wall

For those who dream of whales. Help them bring the fantasy to life with these phenomenal Canvas Whale Prints. Available in a range of size, each watercolor illustration has been printed on eco friendly high quality cotton canvas, using water-based Epson ink.

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Freaking love sharks.
Great White Shark Bracelet.

Great White Shark Bracelet in Brown Rope

Let your ocean loving buddy add a gnarly shark vibe to their wrist with this creative Shark Rope Bracelet design. Available in multiple rope color variations and will fit any wrist size.

For more shark inspiration, sink your tooth into these other great shark gift ideas.

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Those seeking sea magic.
Moonstone Seahorse Necklace.

Moonstone Seahorse Necklace

Who wouldn't want a seahorse as their personal good luck charm? Crafted from platinum-plated sterling silver, this necklace not only sparkles with moonstone luck but comes with the added bonus of making you the most stylish seahorse enthusiast in town!

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For the surfer girl.
Opal Ocean Wave Ring.

Opal Ocean Wave Ring

The Opal Ocean Wave Ring is a must-have for ocean enthusiasts. Its iridescent stone, nestled within the sterling silver wave-inspired design, evokes images of tropical waters and epic waves. Opal, known for promoting freedom and spontaneity, makes it the perfect gift to inspire your ocean-loving special someone to ride the waves of life with style.

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For those who love to shop.
Sea Animal Tote Bags.

Three Gift Ocean Tote bags

There is no doubt that the ocean-lover in your life will be keen on conservation! So why not treat them to a purposeful gift by protecting the thing they love the most. Help them say no to single-use plastic with our eco-friendly Whale, Seahorse, Octopus and Turtle Tote Bags. These lovely linen tote bags are practical and reusable, so you can take it to the shops, or even to the beach!

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Release the kraken.
Tentacle Ring.

Octopus Tentacle Ring

Fish are cool, turtles are cute, but reach out and flex your mysterious side with our octopus Tentacle Ring. This sterling silver ring has been finished with platinum plating and crafted with exquisite detail. The blend of polished metal compliments the rich texture of the tentacle suckers. An open ring design allows for easy adjustment, making it simple for you to release the kraken on any finger.

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Eight-armed hugs.
Giant Octopus Plush.

Giant Octopus Plush

Sometimes, you just need a giant, eight-armed cuddle buddy to conquer the day. A colossal plushy marvel that draws inspiration from the Giant Pacific Red Octopus, but this one won't squirt ink on your dreams – it'll hug them.

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A pinch of style.
Blue Crystal Crab Ring.

Blue Crystal Crab Ring

With its adorable crab design and adjustable fit, this Blue Crystal Crab Ring offers a sideways approach to happiness. Beautifully crafted from sterling silver and ocean-blue crystal, they may not catch crabs at the beach, but they can definitely catch compliments with this ring!

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For beach babes.
Woven Wave Anklet.

woven wave anklet with beach charms

Our Woven Wave Anklet is the ultimate accessory for beach babes, and an ideal gift for your ocean-loving bestie! This super cute anklet is woven with brightly colored turquoise stones, and features beach charm motifs including starfish, shells and our signature ocean wave.

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Free as the ocean.
Roaming Whale Necklace.

Roaming Whale Necklace

Whale hello there! Create a subtle splash with our Roaming Whale Necklace. Symbolizing wisdom and solitude, a cute 18k gold plated whale slides neatly between polished sterling silver waves. Wear this around your neck and live your whale vibe every day.

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For those who like it fishy.
Schooling Fish Canvas Prints.

Schooling Fish Canvas Prints

Bring some ocean life to your home or office with these Schooling Fish Canvas Prints. Printed in high definition on 100% cotton canvas, the vivid colors against a minimal background create very contemporary underwater design.

From $7.50, Buy Now

The whale lovers.
Whale Tail Bracelet.

Ocean gift silver whale tail bracelet with blue rope

Do you have a loved-one who is wild about whales? Our Whale Tail Bracelet is a thoughtful gift for your dive buddy. The silver whale tail design cleverly latches onto a durable paracord, representing adrenaline, adventure and discovery!

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The girl who was born swimming.
Mermaid Tail Blanket.

women in bed wearing a blue mermaid tail blanket

Do you have a friend obsessed with ocean who feels like a fish out water? Give your mermaid at heart a gift to enjoy on dry land with our luxury Adult Mermaid Blanket! Available in a variety of soft pastel colors, you’ll be dreaming of oceans deep in no time while snuggled up inside our soft-knit Mermaid Tail Blankets.

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The unique sea loving gentleman.
Stingray Cufflinks.

Silver Stingray Cufflinks

Showcase a unique sea-loving style our elegant Stingray Cufflinks! Meticulously designed to bring out the beauty of these undulating creatures and platinum plated for long-term wear. These stingray cuffs are equally amazing in 14ct plated gold.

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The marine biologist.
Vintage Sea Life Prints.

Set of framed Vintage Sea Life Prints on Canvas

Perfect for the marine animal lover who would proudly like to exhibit some of their favorite species in an artistic way. These exquisitely illustrated Vintage Sea Life Prints will convert their home or office into a museum for the underwater world.

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For fishy friends.
Sliding Fish Necklace.

Sliding Fish Necklace

Glide into ocean elegance with this Sliding Fish Necklace: because who needs a regular, non-sliding fish necklace, right? Crafted from platinum-plated sterling silver, it's the perfect accessory for those who've always dreamt of having a school of fish follow them around. It features three 18k gold-plated fish that playfully slide along the chain, bringing the vibrant reef to life on one's neckline.

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The gadget addict.
Whale Shark Cable Protector.

Whale Shark Cable Protector

This Whale Shark Cable Protector will slip over your phone or tablet's charging cord, protecting it from damage whilst looking totally cute. When connected it will like he’s biting your device! Fits Lightning, Micro USB and Type-C cables.

$9, Buy Now

Aloha, cuff life.
Ocean Wave Bracelet.

Gold Ocean Wave Bracelet

This Ocean Wave Bracelet is the perfect gift for anyone who's ever wished they could bring a slice of the ocean wherever they go, even if it's just to the office! Crafted in sterling silver and 18K gold plated, it's like having a mini wave right on your wrist.

$24.50, Buy Now

For shell seekers.
Turquoise Scallop Earrings.

Turquoise Scallop Earrings

These Turquoise Scallop Earrings are a wonderful gift for ocean lovers who want to add a touch of "under-the-sea" chic to their style. Ariel may have had her voice, but they'll have these stunning scallop earrings. Adorned with creamy light turquoise enamel, each shell dangles gracefully from hoops pavé-set with pastel blue cubic zirconias.

$27.50, Buy Now

For the surfer guy or girl.
Ocean Wave Baseball Cap.

Stacked Baseball Caps with Ocean Waves Design

Give your buddy one of these killer Ocean Wave Caps and be a total, Dooooed. Made from 100% cotton with an easy adjustable back strap so there’s no reason not to treat the surf addict in your life.

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For your turtle loving bestie.
Pavé Crystal Turtle Bracelet.

3 Pavé Crystal Turtle Bracelets

Represent the pathway of peace, strength and endurance with this Pavé Crystal Turtle Bracelet! Featuring a cute crystal encrusted turtle with rhodium plated stainless steel beads on an adjustable cord. Available in gunmetal black, silver, yellow gold and rose gold, this beaded turtle bracelet will make a great gift for sea turtle lovers.

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Serious about beach gear.
Whale Beach Towel.

Whale Beach Towel

This microfiber Whale Beach Towel will make a fabulous gift for whale lovers and those serious about beach gear. An unusually circular towel which is extremely soft and light-weight, making it perfect for travel. Other designs available include octopus, seahorse and turtle beach towels.

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The scuba addict.
Vintage Scuba Diver Necklace.

Vintage Deep Sea Scuba Diver Necklace

Every scubaholic will love this intricate Vintage Scuba Diver Necklace. Featuring a deep sea divers helmet pendant plated in antique gold and paired with a long chain. Wearing this will get them in an explorative mood and they might just find another excuse to go for a deep-dive.

$18, Buy Now

For those who bask in cuteness.
Cuddly Manta Ray Soft Toy.

Cuddly Manta Ray Soft Toy

If you’re in love with these majestic sea creatures then our happy-go-lucky Manta Ray Soft Toy will melt your heart! Made from a luscious grey plush, our Cuddly Manta Ray is soft and lovely.

$34, Buy Now

For coastal chic.
Starfish and Seashell Ring.

Starfish and Seashell Ring

Even the most devoted ocean lover can't take the entire sea with them, so why not gift them this Starfish and Seashell Ring? Crafted from lustrous platinum-plated sterling silver, it allows them to carry the spirit of the sea wherever they go. A simply gorgeous design featuring alternating scallop seashells and starfish, adorned with mesmerizing blue opal stones.

$24, Buy Now

The intelligent & mysterious.
Pearl Octopus Stud Earrings.

Pearl Octopus Stud Earrings

Explore the reef with these exquisite Pearl Octopus Stud Earrings and exhibit your love for this wonderfully intelligent creature. The large bulbous head of the octopus is represented by a gorgeous natural pearl, with its eight curled tentacle arms in sandblasted 18k gold plating or polished silver. Add these octopus studs to your jewelry collection and dive deep into the mysterious ocean wonder.

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The eco conscious.
Rainbow Metal Straws.

Stainless Steel Rainbow metal straws in glass bottle

Alarmingly, over 500 million straws are used everyday in America. Sadly most of these end up our seas, but these reusable colored metal straws have come to the rescue! Why don’t you and your ocean-loving friends toast to saving the ocean with our Rainbow Metal Straws in Stainless Steel. As a gift that helps the ocean, these eco-friendly straws look, taste and feel great!

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Bring out your lively side.
Gold Marlin Necklace.

Gold Marlin Necklace

For the fishing enthusiasts, this is the ultimate waterproof necklace for the all epic sports fisherman. The Marlin Necklace features a leaping blue marlin pendant and chain in 18K gold plated stainless steel. A challenging, courageous and powerful fish made from a very hard and resistant metal.

$25, Buy Now

Those who love turtles & bling.
Rhinestone Turtle Keychain.

Sea Turtle Keychain covered in blue and green Rhinestones

A gorgeous Rhinestone Sea Turtle Keychain, featuring blue and white-tone crystal rhinestones set on gold plated alloy. These fabulous looking and practical sea turtle gifts will guarantee that your lucky turtle lover never misplaces their keys ever again.

$15.50, Buy Now

For the coralful.
Watercolor Coral Canvas Prints.

digital coral canvas prints in watercolour for ocean lovers

Are you on the hunt for a unique and thoughtful gift for the ocean-lover in your life? Then look no further than our digital watercolor Coral Canvas Prints! These eye-catching coral reef prints capture the beauty of this underwater organic form, while bringing a splash of color to any room. Our digital watercolor prints are available individually or as a set, with a variety of size options to choose from.

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A gift for your nautical man.
Black Anchor Rope Bracelet.

Mens Black Anchor Rope Bracelet Gift

Set sail with a sleek Anchor Rope Bracelet. This weather resistant bracelet is made from black stainless steel and a sporty paracord rope. Pair this with other nautical gifts and make the sailor man or woman in your life very happy.

$15.50, Buy Now

For the Cuteophile.
Sea Cuties’ Fish Brooch Pins.

Enamel Fish brooch pins in 9 different ocean creatures

From Pufferfish to Whale sharks, we guarantee it will be hard to resist the charms of these adorable ‘Sea Cuties’ Reef Fish Brooch Pins! These adorable brooches make an ideal gift for a marine biologist or ocean environmentalist. Treat your fishy friend to two or three of these colourful enamel pins, and you’ll have them swooning for days!

$8, Buy Now

Shop for more ocean inspired gifts

Regardless of what your ocean-lover is into, you’re sure to find the perfect gift at Citrus Reef. Shop our entire range of ocean inspired gifts here and don’t forget that every purchase made helps protect coral reefs!

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