10 Unique Gifts for Ocean Lovers

Meaningful gifts for ocean lovers

Are you struggling to find meaningful gifts for ocean-lovers? We know it can be difficult to come up with unique and fun ideas for people who love the ocean. They probably already own lots of practical stuff such as a favourite rash guard or dry bag, but what about something special to really represent their passion?

Here at Citrus Reef, we have a beautiful range of jewelry and gifts that help the ocean, which are especially selected for ocean-lovers, by ocean-lovers! So if you’re in need of a little sea-spirited inspo, look no further than our top 10 list of gifts for ocean environmentalists, marine biologists, scuba divers and sea lovers to discover a piece that they’ll appreciate and treasure forever.

Opal Wave Ring

Ocean gift opal wave ring in silver and blue fire

Our Silver & Blue Opal Wave Ring may well be the ultimate jewelry piece for lovers of the ocean! The stunning iridescent stone set within this wave ring design, reminds us of warm tropical waters and big blue gnarly waves. Opal encourages freedom and spontaneity, so encourage your ocean-loving loved one to ride the waves of life while wearing our Silver & Blue Opal Wave Ring.

Coral Canvas Digital Watercolour Prints

digital coral canvas prints in watercolour for ocean lovers

Are you on the hunt for a unique and thoughtful gift for the ocean-lover in your life? Then look no further than our Digital Watercolour Coral Canvas Prints! These eye-catching coral reef prints capture the beauty of this underwater organic form, while bringing a splash of colour to any room. Our Digital Watercolour prints are available individually or as a set, with a variety of size options to choose from.

Cosy Knit Mermaid Tail Blanket

women wearing a green mermaid tail in bed

Do you have a friend obsessed with ocean who feels like a fish out water? Then give them a gift to enjoy on dry land with our quirky Mermaid Tail Blankets!  Available in a variety of soft pastel colours, you’ll be dreaming of oceans deep in no time while snuggled up inside our soft-knit Mermaid Tail Blankets.

Wave Stud Earrings

women wearing a gold stud wave earring

Would you like to give a gift for ocean conservation? Why not treat the mermaid in your life to a piece of ocean jewelry, with our adorable Gold Wave Stud Earrings which are a subtle way of saying ‘I love the sea’. These little beauties can be worn on their own or even stacked if you have multi ear piercings. Our Wave Stud Earrings are also available in silver.

Blue Whale Tote Bag

Ocean gift tote bag with blue whale print

There is no doubt that the ocean-lover in your life will be keen on conservation! So why not treat them to a purposeful gift by protecting the thing they love the most. Help them say no to single-use plastic with our eco-friendly Blue Whale Tote Bag.  This lovely linen tote is practical and reusable, so you can take it to the shops, or even to the beach!

Woven Wave Anklet with Beach Charms

silver wave anklet with ocean beach charms

Our Woven Wave Anklet is the ultimate accessory for beach babes, and an ideal gift for your ocean-loving bestie! This super cute anklet is woven with brightly coloured turquoise stones, and features beach charm motifs including starfish, shells and our signature ocean wave.

Mens Signet Anchor Ring

mens ocean gifts silver sovereign anchor ring on middle finger

You may have uncovered a piece of buried treasure with our Mens Signet Anchor Ring! Many centuries ago, sailors and pirates wore anchor tattoos and jewelry to reflect their connection with the ocean. Help your loved one reflect their’s by gifting them with our statement signet Anchor Ring.

Metal Straws In Stainless Steel

stainless steel metal straws in silver with straw cleaner

Alarmingly, over 500 million straws are used everyday in America. Sadly most of these end up our seas, but these reusable Metal Straws have come to the rescue! Why don’t you and your ocean-loving friends toast to saving the ocean with our Metal Straws in Silver Stainless Steel. As a gift that helps the ocean, these eco-friendly straws look, taste and feel great!

‘Sea Cuties’ Reef Fish Brooch Pins

enamel brooch pins in 9 different ocean creatures

From Pufferfish to Whale sharks, we guarantee it will be hard to resist the charms of these adorable ‘Sea Cuties’ Reef Fish Brooch Pins! These adorable brooches make an ideal gift for a marine biologist or ocean environmentalist. Treat your fishy friend to two or three of these colourful enamel pins, and you’ll have them swooning for days!

Mens Whale Tail Bracelet In Blue

Ocean gift silver whale tail bracelet with blue rope

Do you have a loved-one who is wild about whales? Our Mens Whale Tail Bracelet in Blue is a thoughtful gift for your dive buddy. The silver Whale Tail cleverly latches onto a durable paracord, representing adrenaline, adventure & discovery!

Shop for gifts that help the ocean

Regardless of what your ocean-lover is into, you’re sure to find the perfect gift here at Citrus Reef. Shop our range of ocean inspired pieces including wave rings, anchor bracelets, shell necklaces and more. Don’t forget that every purchase made helps protect coral reefs


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