Ocean Jobs: 10 Career Ideas For Ocean Lovers

Are you someone obsessed with the sea, dreaming of turning your hobby into your day job? Here are 10 awesome ocean jobs for you to make a splash both over and under the water.

1. Commercial Diver

Ocean Jobs Commercial Diver Shipwreck
Does drilling and diving sound like fun work to you? | image @marekokon

Does completing underwater tasks sound like fun to you? Then perhaps commercial diving is your ideal ocean job!

Commercial divers commonly work for gas, shipping and oil companies, providing inspection, maintenance and repairs to structures such as oil rigs underwater.

A more hazardous field of commercial diving is HAZMAT, where divers work in extreme circumstances to retrieve bodies, wreckage and even dive in dangerous substances such as chemicals and sewers.

2. Marine Biologist

Marine Biologist feeding Dolphin
Get up close and personal with your favourite ocean animals as a Marine Biologist | image @andytoots

If you’re a marine life lover, then maybe jobs working with ocean animals such as a Marine Biologist, could be a career choice of dreams for you!

The role of a Marine Biologist is to study aquatic life, often specialising in one specific species from the tiniest of shrimps to gigantic whale sharks!

Scientists and Marine Biologists research and study their species in detail to gain as much information about them as possible. This means spending a lot of time on-site, and in the water.

3. Lifeguard

Ocean job as a Lifeguard
Lifeguards keep a look out for any potential incidents | image @louishansel

From swimming pools to beaches, lifeguards are on hand to oversee and ensure the safety of those in the water.

Lifeguards monitor tidal conditions, respond to accidents and supervise recreational activities to avoid any potential injuries.

Sometimes ocean jobs are seasonal, and lifeguards are often employed by hotels and resorts during peak times and summer months. At community establishments and larger beaches, there is usually a team of lifeguards and a rescue boat on call for more serious matters.

4. Boat Crew Member

Women in wetsuit on sailboat
All hands on deck! If you enjoy teamwork then perhaps being boat crew is the right ocean job for you? | image @max_libertine

Imagine if sailing the high seas was your day job?

Working on a super yacht is probably one of the most desirable ocean jobs, but don’t be fooled by the glamour, it is some seriously hard work.

Whether you’re the captain at the helm, the first mate pulling anchor, a deck hand cleaning cabins, the chef preparing dinner or a steward/ess filling up dive tanks there are plenty of onboard tasks to be done. However, spending your working days at sea is most definitely every ocean lovers dream!.

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5. Aquaculture Farmer

Ocean Job as Pearl Farmer
Aquaculture Farmers grow anything from pearls to prawns! | image @hansonluu

If you like the idea of working outdoors, then perhaps becoming an aquaculture farmer is one of the best ocean jobs for you!

Rather like farming fields of sheep and cows on land, aquaculture farmers breed, grow and harvest many types of fish such as prawns, oysters and crayfish for human consumption.

Other than food produce, aquatic farmers also grow and harvest pearls for jewelry.

6. Dive Instructor

Female Dive Instructor and student on dive boat
The dream job of most ocean lovers is becoming a scuba instructor! | image @layaclode

Dive instructors teach people how to dive both commercially and recreationally, and are often based in coastal locations at dive centres, hotels, island resorts, liveaboards and cruise ships.

Although being a dive instructor is not the most lucrative career, the enjoyment factor often outweighs the lower salary.

As well as training others how to dive, instructors are responsible for guiding divers on recreational trips, maintaining equipment, maneurvering boats and taking care of everyone’s safety.

If you’re a passionate scuba diver, then perhaps teaching others how to dive would be one of the best ocean careers for you!

7. Aquatic Veterinarian

Aquatic Vet helping and monitoring baby shark
Help save the fishies as an Aquatic Veterinarian

Are you looking for environmental ocean jobs which helps save marine animals?

Aquatic veterinarians work both over and underwater to give necessary medical assistance to sick sea creatures. This may involve scuba diving to rescue or treat animals in their natural habitat, or on site at a zoo or aquarium.

Sadly, aquatic veterinarians often have to deal with injuries resulting from boat strikes, oil spills and fishing net entanglement.

Despite its challenges, becoming an aquatic veterinarian is one of the most rewarding jobs working with ocean animals, a true ocean gift that keeps giving.

8. Commercial Fisherman

Commercial Fisherman job on small boat
Commercial fishing is hard work but very rewarding | image @leonmcbride

The job of a commercial fisherman typically involves working on large boats as part of a crew, using nets and commercial fishing equipment to catch large quantities of fish for human consumption.

Long hours, strenuous work and being away from home for months at a time mean that being a commercial fisherman is not one of the easiest ocean jobs.

However most fishing expeditions are seasonal so if you love being out at sea, then this could be one of the best ocean careers for you.

9. Underwater Filmmaker

Ocean Jobs, Underwater Filmmaker with camera and lights
Imagine being paid to make underwater movies? Now thats a dream ocean job! | image @beauj9

If you’re a talented photographer and an experienced scuba diver, have you thought about combining the two skills for one of the ultimate ocean jobs?

By collecting exceptional footage from the underwater world, you may be able to freelance as an underwater filmmaker or sell your work to magazines and publications. Alternatively, working directly alongside documentary makers such as National Geographic.

Despite taking footage under intense pressure and needing a seriously steady hand, the role of an underwater filmmaker has got to be one of the best ocean careers!

10. Surf Instructor

Ocean Jobs, Surf Instructor riding breaking wave
If you’re an active person, perhaps surfing is the right ocean career path for you? | image @marcusdallcol

One of the most fun ocean jobs has to be teaching people how to surf!

You may imagine this job role involves spending most of your time on the beach catching waves and getting tanned, but there are a number of skills required to be a professional surf instructor.

Having a beach lifeguard qualification, excellent communication, leadership skills, physical fitness and of course a talent for surfing will help.

Teaching surfing is a great way of gaining work experience in another country and living a more enriching lifestyle.

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