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The Decline Of Coral Reefs

Coral reefs breath life into the ocean by providing food, shelter and protection to over 1 million different species. Sadly, these delicate ecosystems are in fast decline as human impact continues to put them under enormous strain.

A recent report estimated that today over 75 percent of coral reefs are under significant threat, with more than a quarter already lost. From overfishing to global warming, we are rapidly sending our worlds precious reefs into oblivion.

Protecting The Reef

Having witnessed their beauty & fragility, we make it our mission to help protect coral reefs before its too late.

Help Us Save Coral Reefs

We encourage you to help save our worlds coral reefs by exploring our treasure trove of marine inspired ocean jewelry and sea-spirited gifts. Show your love for the reef and wear your heart on your sleeve by shopping, liking & subscribing.